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Your WOW Factor Could Be Your Kitchen Lighting Design

Kitchen Lighting Design - Your WOW Factor

Kitchen Lighting Design

A wonderful post with some excellent ideas on kitchen lighting design published on the Delmarva Design Center blog. Remember, the lighting in your kitchen can highlight your floors and countertops.

Kitchen lighting designs can and should consider the following:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Task-Specific lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Decorative lighting

This article provides advice on how to work with your kitchen designer on lighting. Many people will spend a great deal of time on cabinet selection and appliances. Of course, the time spent on selecting kitchen cabinets and appliances is valuable and important to your kitchen design and the final outcome. Design items such as cabinets and appliances are vital to the design of your new kitchen.

However, many people will not spend much time on lighting. You and your designer can brainstorm ideas on kitchen lighting design for your new kitchen with a flexible and functional lighting design.

Your kitchen lighting may even be your WOW! Factor!

This is a great post on kitchen design on a topic (lighting) that does not get enough attention when people design a kitchen.

The Delmarva Design Center combines knowledge and experience in the five key areas of cabinetry, appliance, countertops, flooring, and tile. The team at the Delmarva Design Center will work with you to customize the design and ensure that all of your requirements at met. You tell them what you desire, and they help to make your kitchen design ideas come to life.

A wonderful post with some excellent ideas on Kitchen Lighting Design published at the Delmarva Design Center blog.

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