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What to Consider

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Monogram's Award-Winning Reinvented Range

Range Type

Freestanding ranges are the most widely sold and easiest to install. Typically, the oven control panel is on the back of the range, above the cooktop surface.

Slide-in ranges give a custom, built-in look and easily slide in between surrounding cabinets. The oven controls are on the range front, and there is no back panel, so your backsplash can be displayed.


Most electric and gas ranges are thirty inches wide. Most pro-style ranges start at 30 inches wide but can be as wide as forty-eight inches if you custom-configure them with extra burners and ovens or add-ons such as integrated grills, griddles, or woks.


A roomy oven comes in handy when baking or entertaining. Be sure to know how the volume is being calculated.

How Many Ovens

Many ranges now come in single-oven and double-oven configurations. Double-oven ranges typically have a smaller oven up top and a larger one below.

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